t-matix among the Top 10 European Smart City Solution Providers

Automated ice detection on roadways, air quality monitoring including indoor CO2 measurement, fine dust monitoring, smart garbage cans or level monitoring of salt silos – with its powerful IoT platform, t-matix turns cities into smart cities. The expert for IoT applications and telematics solutions convinces with its flexibility and versatility not only in the smart city sector, but also in the construction industry as well as in the field of mechanical and plant engineering.

The current wintry conditions mean plenty of work for road clearance services. Smart city solutions such as automated ice detection at exposed road locations or notifications about the filling level of salt silos, should they reach a certain threshold, support the clearing services enormously and increase the efficiency of the trips. Regular inspection trips are now no longer required; instead, road services only go out when the road conditions require it or when the fill levels of salt silos have reached a critical limit. Sensors in the roadway trigger alerts and transmit the current parameters. These notifications, as well as detailed real-time information such as road temperature, weather, type of precipitation and water film density, are transmitted via app to the responsible employees, who then decide on the necessary measures. In addition, the gritting material can be adapted to the conditions with pinpoint accuracy. This smart winter service solution has been implemented in the city of Deutschlandsberg, among others.

For its comprehensive smart city solutions, t-matix was recently named one of the top 10 smart city solution providers by the CIO Applications Europe magazine.

“We are very proud of our success. Our in-depth knowledge of telematics, IoT and understanding of hardware components and machine technology, combined with the expert knowledge of our software team, enables us to develop and implement innovative ideas in the smart city sector,” says Jürgen Putz, Head of business unit Smart City at t-matix.

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