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News from t-matix solutions

t-matix receives major order from AMMANN Group
The Ammann Group - a leading global supplier of asphalt and concrete mixing plants, machines and services for the construction industry - is digitizing its construction machines with t-matix. For Ammann, it was therefore important to find a partner for the digitization of its machines, a company who knows the construction industry and its processes and offers a technology specifically designed for this purpose.  More...

t-matix implements complex IoT solution for HABAU GROUP
The HABAU GROUP is an international all-round supplier in the areas of structural and precast construction, civil engineering, pipeline construction, underground mining and steel/steel plant construction. In the t-matix IoT platform, they found a future-proof technology that perfectly fits their requirements and allows individual solutions through the pure configuration.  More...

Dorner Electronic puts its trust in the t-matix solution
Dorner Electronic develops software solutions for the construction industry and is the market leader in the field of control systems in Europe. When established technology companies from the construction industry rely on our IoT solution, this confirms our great expertise in the field of telematics and shows that we have done something right in recent years. More...

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