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Combining forces to deliver the best digital solution for road construction
In March 2019, Managing Director of Q Point AG, DI Simon Künz, announced in front of a broad audience of the German Construction Industry Association: "We are proud that the leading companies in the field of digital road construction are making use of their synergies and are now under one roof." More...

SBM optimizes Crusher range with IoT solution
SBM Mineral Processing is the leading full-service provider of processing and conveying equipment for the raw materials and recycling industry and is digitizing various crusher ranges with the t-matix solution. A connection to the PLC controller of the crusher is set up by means of the IoT gateway and data is transmitted to the IoT platform. The t-matix IoT solution increases machine availability and minimizes the "total cost of ownership". More...

t-matix receives major order from AMMANN Group
The Ammann Group - a leading global supplier of asphalt and concrete mixing plants, machines and services for the construction industry - is digitizing its construction machines with t-matix. For Ammann, it was therefore important to find a partner for the digitization of its machines, a company who knows the construction industry and its processes and offers a technology specifically designed for this purpose.  More...

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