Towards a brighter future with the Smart City Ecosystem

Vienna, Deutschlandsberg and many other Austrian cities and communities are investing in the Smart City Ecosystem developed by t-matix in close cooperation with its partner Magenta in order to meet future challenges such as population growth or climate change. Through digitalization and networked systems it is possible to significantly increase the quality of life in a city/community while at the same time conserving resources. The Internet of Things (IoT) plays a key role in this process: devices, machines, buildings or vehicles can communicate with each another and exchange information without the need for direct human interaction. In this way, a large amount of data is collected, allowing processes to be optimized and measures to be taken in a more targeted manner. The Smart City applications from t-matix make municipal tasks much easier.
We provide the following modules from our winter maintenance package for the optimal monitoring and control of vehicles and equipment during the winter season:

  • Road Sensor Technology (special asphalt sensors for measuring the condition of the road, the road temperature, the probability of ice, etc.)
  • Winter Maintenance Light (visualization of the spreading routes of light winter maintenance vehicles such as sidewalk cleaners) and Winter Maintenance Advanced (full data integration of the common spreader manufacturers in accordance with the ISO standard for monitoring the application of spreading material)
  • Salt Silo Monitoring (monitoring of the fill level of salt silos)

With the technology from t-matix it is also possible to determine the indoor climate within buildings (e.g. school classrooms) by measuring the air quality, and to contribute to the optimization of the urban climate and traffic control measures by measuring fine particles, humidity and outside temperature. Other topics such as people counting, water quality and flow-rate, smart street lighting, as well as fill level measurement for targeted waste sensors and much more, complete the topic Smart City from t-matix.

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We are pleased about the successful cooperation with Magenta:

Extract from the press release “Starting shot for innovative living spaces: Magenta Telekom launches Smart City Ecosystem” (01.09.2020, Julia Lessiak)

Application examples from “Magenta Smart City”:

With the Smart City Solutions, cities and communities can be optimally digitized, because such technologies are designed for reliable and secure communication between people, machines, systems, vehicles and infrastructure facilities. Here are some of the Magenta Smart City solutions:

  • Smart Waste: Level monitoring of waste bins including route optimization
  • Air Quality Management: Alerting if limit values in the air are too high or too low (indoor and outdoor)
  • Smart Lighting: Notification of failed lamps and adapted, automatic lighting control depending on twilight
  • Smart Parking: Identification of occupied and empty parking spaces
  • Fleet Management: location, utilization, alarm in the event of theft, logbook, refueling and vehicle service app
  • Asset Tracking: location and alarm in case of theft of tools or devices
  • Winter Service Monitoring: driving routes with times and amount of grit used
  • Road Condition Monitoring: asphalt and air temperature, humidity, precipitation intensity, and percentage ice probability
  • Energy Consumption Monitoring: consumption values of swimming pools, solar, pump, and sewage treatment plant

Pilot projects in Austrian cities:

As part of a digitization project in Deutschlandsberg, various Smart City Solutions are already in use to increase the efficiency of all urban processes as much as possible. The Magenta Smart City Ecosystem is being implemented there in cooperation with the Styrian company t-matix, which supplies the IoT platform for the project. With these applications, the Styrian district capital plans to be better equipped for the great challenges of the future. In addition to intelligent vehicle fleet management, the Smart City Solution “Winter Service” is also in use, which provides a precise record of the roads in Deutschlandsberg. Road condition monitoring is also intended to make roads safer, because sensors in the asphalt automatically transmit important information on the condition of the road, the temperature of the road or the likelihood of ice. In addition, the location and route of containers can be precisely determined using battery-operated tracking, while an alarm is activated when the geo-zone is exited.

In another pilot project, Magenta and its partner t-matix provide Wiener Stadtwerke and WienIT with an IoT Ecosystem that forms the basis for future Smart City and digitization projects in the City of Vienna. With the IoT Ecosystem, it will be possible in the future to be more efficient in many areas and thus save costs. Processes are also made more secure than before and new services are made possible.

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