Ralf Parfuss
CEO, t-matix solutions gmbh

Affordable tools with maximum flexibility

The Internet of Things has become part of our daily lives and provides us with exciting opportunities and possibilities. Even though organizations recognize the great potential, there is still a lack of flexible, affordable IoT tools to make ideas and applications quick and cost-effective to implement. We have assisted many customers and distributors in recent years with the introduction of solutions that ensure IoT is sustainably implemented into their businesses. In doing so, we observed that each customer had different technology requirements and the solutions available on the market were limited with respect to fulfilling the customer's individual requirements.m

This is where our solution comes in: t-matix delivers a completely independent and flexible IoT-Platform, which enables customers to create applications in no time at all, on their own and without any special programming skills. The t-matix solution is comparable to the evolution of the internet. Earlier, a considerable effort was necessary for the programming of websites and further modifications and updates proved extremely costly and time consuming. We offer an IoT-Platform comparable to the user-friendly CMS system, with multiple functionality which allows for individual and professional applications with no programming skills. The focus is on quality and user friendliness.

With the t-matix building kit, comprising of the Portal Designer and a TCU (t-matix control unit), we offer an all-in-one solution for a simple and cost-effective gateway into the „Internet of Things“. Use this unique opportunity and realize your ideas and innovations.

This is "IoT at the next level".