t-matix IoT platform

t-matix solutions is the leading provider of flexible and independent IoT platforms. Simply connect your machines, vehicles and devices with our dynamic interfaces and transmitting units and generate high-quality data. In the next step, create your own web applications and apps for iPhone as well as Android. This allows your users to communicate with machines and products, improve processes, and ultimately make products more attractive. By means of an intelligent modular system and a broad range of tools, you can create your own custom application in no time – and without any programming knowledge.

Applications for the t-matix Portal Designer

The t-matix Portal Designer is the first Telematic Toolkit that enables you to create your own applications for the "Internet of Things” without any programming effort, scalable for up to 1 Million devices or machines.

Telematic Toolkit – the possibilities

A short video illustrating how and where the t-matix designer can be applied in order to optimize processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Telematics support for practical training in Driving Schools

Depending on configuration, the vehicle data, GPS location and even the driving behavior of a student can be captured and logged during a lesson. Various situations can be defined and recorded with a mobile App to subsequently analyze the collected data and provide the student with an overview of their progress, as well as their strengths and/or weaknesses.

Connected Boat – monitoring and controlling of boats

Build a telematic solution using the Portal Designer together with the integrated App Builder to monitor and control various sensors on a boat. In this way, customers can for example locate their boat or monitor its battery status.

Industrie 4.0 - Einführung einer modernen und unabhängigen Plattform


Mit dieser Plattform ist es möglich, Echtzeitinformationen von Fertigungsmaschinen über die Plattform abzufragen,  ebenso wird der aktuelle Stromverbrauch in Echtzeit visualisiert. Pakete und Transporter werden geortet und das Fahrtenbuch der Poolfahrzeuge wurde digitalisiert. Eine genauere Planung und Steuerung von Aufträgen wird dadurch ermöglicht.