The open IoT platform for the Construction Industry

Mann hält Tablet mit TCS IoT-Lösung für die Bauwirtschaft

t-matix solutions has been the expert for telematics solutions based on IoT technology for the construction industry for many years and offers an open platform with a variety of ready-made solutions and functions.

The t-matix Construction Solution is an open IoT platform that perfectly covers the diverse requirements of the construction industry with different devices and processes as well as numerous functions and interfaces. The t-matix Construction Solution includes a variety of ready-made solutions such as the location of light equipment or attachments to the complex analysis of large construction machines and entire construction sites. The platform also enables existing telematics systems from manufacturers and third-party providers to be merged into one system, thus providing the perfect basis for long-term digitalization.

Customers benefit from an easy introduction into digitalization and the ability to implement new solutions quickly in their company. With just one click, the desired applications and functions are activated for the customer and are immediately available. In addition, the solution is continuously expanded with new use cases, functions and interfaces or designed entirely according to customer requirements. “All of this is made possible by IoT platform technology. IoT has long since arrived in other industries, and now it’s time to firmly anchor the benefits in the construction industry as well,” says Regine Lill, Head of t-matix Construction. t-matix has been a reliable partner in the construction sector for over 7 years and, with around 100 employees and numerous reputable references, is one of the leading IoT platform and app providers. The open, manufacturer independent IoT platform is the stable foundation for a digital future and the key to long-term success.

IoT as a great opportunity

Construction companies face the challenge of perfectly planning and efficiently deploying the availability of their fleet of vehicles and machines. A robust data basis is needed for planning and this becomes a major hurdle for companies due to the heterogeneous fleet of vehicles and machines with different manufacturers. What is needed is an IoT platform that is flexible and manufacturer-independent, integrates external systems and delivers meaningful reports. The t-matix Construction Solution covers exactly this need for IoT solutions in the market.

Easy to get started

It begins with the TCS STANDARD variant with selected applications such as track & trace, usage reports and information on equipment status, including an app. If the customer wants to transfer the acquired data to his ERP system or other systems, the PREMIUM package is available, with which he can brand the IoT portal according to his corporate design. Through the connection to external systems, the real-time data can be compared with the target data and scheduling, ERP and BI tools can be enriched with machine and device data. In addition, there are numerous other applications such as the monitoring of small equipment as well as add-on parts by means of intelligent beacon solutions or completely autonomous light equipment telematics. In the use case for attachments, in addition to the live location, thanks to the intelligent vibration solution, all equipment operating times are also clearly displayed in the portal as well as in the app.

Customized construction solution

The modular ecosystem of t-matix is continuously expanded with new functions, interfaces, sensors and applications. If the customer still lacks solutions, they can be created according to their own wishes and requirements. Extensions as well as completely new solutions can be realized in the ENTERPRISE package at any time and are delivered in an individual portal including branding.