Real-time usage analysis of your cost centers, machines, small equipment and attachments.


Analyze the utilization of machines, small equipment and attachments on the respective construction sites (cost centers) and immediately identify potential for optimization.


Keep an eye on operating hours, idle times and the capacities of your construction machinery, small equipment and attachments in real time and ensure optimum utilization of your resources.

& APIs

All data on usage, kilometers driven and operating times can be made available to external systems (e.g. ERP) via t-matix APIs.

Reporting Baustellen für einfache Auslastungsanalysen mittels t-matix IoT Portal und Apps


With the “Utilization Reports” module from t-matix, you receive valuable information in real time on machine hours per geozone/cost center as well as the degree of use of your construction fleet, including kilometers driven. In this way, the capacity of the assets as a whole as well as for each individual construction project can be overviewed and optimized. The combination of state-of-the-art hardware and a flexible, vendor-independent software solution (platform & apps, APIs) makes it possible to provide relevant information in real time in order to make decisions efficiently based on the data.


Utilization reporting by click

Vendor independent platform & APIs

The t-matix Construction Solution (TCS) offers a variety of interfaces to manufacturer and third-party systems and comprehensive import and export functions via APIs.

Increase productivity

Comprehensive usage analyses reveal measures for increasing productivity and optimizing internal work processes.

Avoid idle times

Manage idle times and thus sustainably increase productivity.

Overview of construction projects

Analyze the utilization of your assets cumulatively as well as for individual construction projects and thus get an overview of your resources and their productivity.

Interactive data visualization

Interactive analysis of the data through a wide variety of visualization options.

Act instead of react

Recognize over- or under-utilization of your resources immediately and act at an early stage.


extensive & ready to go

All data on one platform

Efficient management of all assets through the IoT complete solution from t-matix.

Comprehensive export and import function

Using APIs, all data can be easily exported to your ERP systems or imported from there into the t-matix platform.

Mobile App

The user-friendly TCS app is available for Android as well as iOS.

Iphone zeigt TCS App Screen

Define cost centers using geozone function

Create geozones easily and analyze their utilization and productivity.

Real-time analysis

All relevant data can be accessed on the portal in real time at a moment's notice.

Robust, advanced 4G hardware

Modern hardware solutions specifically adapted to adverse conditions on your construction sites.


modern & robust

The modern hardware solutions from t-matix are individually adapted to your needs and specifically designed to withstand the adverse conditions on your digital construction site. We work together with you to develop the best hardware fit for your company.

Data acquisition through state-of-the-art LTE telematics boxes in combination with routers and beacons

Simplified installation and straightforward configuration thanks to the installation app

Data collection via interfaces such as AEMP, MQTT, etc

IP67-rated construction hardware


t-matix - a proven IoT solution provider

t-matix TCS Apps für Asset Tracking auch unterwegs


of various hardware suppliers

The flexible, open IoT platform is independent of manufacturers and telematics systems and thus enables comprehensive integration of all relevant data. APIs make it possible to export data to external systems (e.g. ERP systems).
The most important interfaces are:

  • AEMP 1.2
  • AEMP 2.0 (ISO/TS 15143-3)
  • MQTT
  • OPC UA
  • JSON
  • ...


Comprehensive, ready-to-use applications for your digital construction site


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