Fleet Management

Track & Trace

Fleet management - real-time machine & vehicle tracking via GPS


Comprehensive fleet analytics allow you to manage your construction fleet completely digitally.

Mixed Fleet

Manage mixed fleets: All data from construction vehicles, trucks, machines from different manufacturers in one platform.


Make data-based decisions and thereby sustainably optimize work processes.

t-matix Portal und Apps für umfassendes Flottenmanagement

Fleet management
made simple

With the “Track & Trace” module from t-matix, you have a comprehensive overview of your (mixed) vehicle fleet as well as devices and machines. In the portal as well as in the app, the exact location and information on routes and operating locations are visualized for you. The combination of state-of-the-art hardware and flexible, open software solution (platform & apps) enables quick location and comprehensive monitoring of all your assets. 


Machines and vehicles at a glance

Live fleet tracking

Tracking and tracing of the entire fleet in real time - all relevant data available at any time via app & dashboard.

Avoid idle time

Manage idle time and thereby sustainably increase productivity.

Increase productivity

By analyzing the routes and operating locations, measures to increase productivity become apparent.

Security through theft protection

Automatic alarm in case of change of position of vehicles or machines.

Efficient invoicing

Transmission of operating times to construction management & controlling for efficient cost accounting and invoicing.

Optimal use of resources

Data-based decisions through digitalization to optimize internal work processes.


extensive & ready to go

All data in one platform

Efficient management of all assets through the IoT complete solution from t-matix.

Daily & historical data available at any time

All current and historical data can be accessed at any time via the portal and app, providing valuable insights into utilization and usage.

Interactive data visualization

The various visualization options allow interactive analysis of all IoT data.

t-matix TCS Apps für Asset Tracking auch unterwegs

High-end hardware technology

High-end hardware solutions specifically for adverse conditions for your digital construction site.

Automatic reporting

Automated reporting for intelligent, data-protected decision making.

Defining geozones (cost centers)

Configure geo-zones and be informed as soon as your vehicles and machines exit the geozones.


high-end & individual

The modern hardware solutions from t-matix  are individually adapted to your needs and specifically designed for the adverse conditions on your digital construction site. We work with you to develop the best hardware fit for your business, ensuring reliable, seamless fleet management.

Straßenbaugeräte senden Signale an IoT-Plattform für Flottenmanagement
Straßenbaugeräte senden Signale an IoT-Plattform für Flottenmanagement

Data collection through state-of-the-art LTE telematics boxes in combination with routers and beacons

Easier installation and simple configuration through installation apps

Data acquisition via interfaces such as AEMP, MQTT, etc.

IP67-rated construction hardware


t-matix - a proven IoT solution provider

t-matix TCS Apps für Asset Tracking auch unterwegs


of various hardware suppliers

The flexible, open IoT platform is independent of manufacturers and telematics systems and thus enables comprehensive integration of all relevant data. APIs make it possible to export data to external systems (e.g. ERP systems).
The most important interfaces are:

  • AEMP 1.2
  • AEMP 2.0 (ISO/TS 15143-3)
  • MQTT
  • OPC UA
  • JSON
  • ...

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