t-matix creates new generation of scatter data collection

Icy temperatures and snowy roads – winter has arrived! The fact that the roads are free and covered with grit and salt during these wintery conditions is ensured by the leading scatter service provider – Schmidt. t-matix is ​​now expanding this winter service and creating a new generation of scatter data collection. The solutions currently available on the market basically only verify proper snow removal by measuring whether the snow blade is up or down, or the spreader is on or off. t-matix now presents the new generation of recording and controlling for snow clearing and reads live data from the leading scatter service provider Schmidt, including the amount of road salt and its composition. The AL and EN protocols of the machines are processed in real time and the data is sent directly to the platform for further processing.

With t-matix to Smart City
So far, it has not been possible to directly respond to changes in road conditions. The t-matix IoT Platform makes this possible by connecting various sensors (asphalt temperature sensor, wind sensor, optical sensors, etc.) to specifically trigger processes. Thus, a mission, for example, is only triggered when the road conditions require it. In addition, electric driver’s books with RFID driver identification can be integrated or the remote speedometer download can even be used. With the t-matix solution, optimization measures are now easily implemented, and the environment sustainably protected. This is Smart City with t-matix.