t-matix receives follow-up order from HABAU

This international full-service provider for civil engineering, precast construction, pipeline and underground construction as well as steel and plant construction is one of the largest construction companies in Europe and has been using the t-matix IoT platform for almost 2 years. After t-matix successfully implemented a commercial vehicle solution developed in-house for HABAU, allowing them to equip around 890 vehicles with Garmin devices, we look forward to a follow-up order to digitize the entire HABAU construction machinery fleet, including the tracking of small devices. t-matix already offers vehicle tracking solutions, determination of workload peaks, recording of machines used outside of operating hours and much more. In addition, it will now be possible to determine the exact location of smaller devices and attachments (e.g. excavator shovel) through the use of beacons and NarrowBand IoT Trackers. The t-matix solution also allows all data obtained to be imported into HABAU’s existing ERP system, where it is available for further evaluations and analysis. t-matix trained the HABAU installation team in a 2-day hardware installation training at the company premises in Perg / Upper Austria and presented the new installation app for the first time. The app ensures that the built-in hardware is properly connected and that the data is correctly transmitted to the IoT portal.