t-matix opens the LoRa market together with Anypayload

Process of data transmission with LoRa

Especially in the smart city sector, the digital transformation of processes is important for the efficient execution of municipal activities, environmental protection, and the well-being of the population. Be it the air quality monitoring, waste management, smart parking, fill level information, water/electricity/gas meters, and much more: in the digitization process with t-matix, a wide variety of data from a city is measured, displayed and evaluated in the IoT portal in order to initiate appropriate measures. Special technologies are required to transmit large amounts of data properly. LoRaWAN – short for Long Range Wide Area Network – is ideal for collecting and transmitting data over long distances and is also particularly energy-efficient. The transmitted sensor data is encrypted and can only be converted into human-readable information using special “decoders” – decryption algorithms specified by the sensor manufacturer.

And this requires a specialist: our partner Anypayload is a company based in Upper Austria and develops special interfaces for the LoRa network used to decode the data recorded by sensors and feed it into the IoT portal as useful information. Together we have developed an extension to the IoT platform, which allows us to activate prefabricated “decoders” and make various sensors from the LoRa world accessible to our customers.  Customers select the appropriate sensor technology for their applications and transmit the sensor information to Anypayload, which converts the data into a readable format and forwards it to the t-matix IoT platform using the t-matix LoRa connector. Everything happens entirely automatically without any additional effort for the customers. The LoRa connector is an optional module of the t-matix IoT platform. It is compatible with popular network servers such as Actility or Chirp Stack.

We are pleased about the partnership with Anypayload, as it facilitates the digitization process and enables data transmission management in an energy-efficient and resource-saving way.

Contact: Anypayload