t-matix opens up new opportunities in the Smart City sector

The t-matix IoT platform is already firmly anchored in many industries. In addition to the numerous projects in the field of construction & logistics, industry, as well as OEM and marine, the Smart City area is establishing itself as a new field of competence. Whether intelligent winter service, air quality measurement, building yard management or asphalt temperature measurement – with the numerous possibilities of the t-matix IoT platform, we are the ideal partner for Smart City projects. Public swimming pools are already using our IoT platform for real-time access to water quality, temperature, energy consumption and much more. Currently in Frauental, we are able to transmit data directly to the IoT portal with the IAF Automation&Control GmbH PLC control system and display the information clearly in real time. In addition, the values can also be entered manually via the app and sent to the portal. If the values fall below or exceed a certain limit or if chlorine gas escapes, an alarm is triggered immediately and a notification sent via app, SMS or e-mail. The next projects such as smart street lighting, vehicle fleet, sewage treatment plant and much more, are already being implemented. This is IoT at the next level! More…

IAF Automation & Control GmbH
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