t-matix is expanding its network of partners in Germany

Individual, fast, flexible and vendor-independent – these are the requirements for high-performance IoT platforms. With the intelligent toolkit and numerous modules, the t-matix IoT platform meets these requirements and allows customers to create their own web applications and mobile apps without any programming skills. The demand from companies is huge and so it is essential for us to have reliable partners at our side. Arndt Automatic from Munich is a specialist for the development and production of electronics and trading partners for leading automation and electrical engineering manufacturers. Industry firms, especially from southern Germany, are now benefiting from the synergy of electronics, sensor technology and IoT as well as the rapid implementation of individual web applications and app. “We are well-known for the rapid implementation of automation projects and are now doing this in the IoT area. With t-matix, we are completely independent in the IoT environment and can offer a neutral platform to a wide range of manufacturers”, says Stefan Beck, CEO.

Contact: http://arndt-automatic.com/