Resource optimization through digitization at ATM Recyclingsystems

The metal recycling specialist ATM relies on the powerful technology from t-matix. All recycling systems are digitized in order to generate valuable information and conserve resources sustainably. With digitization, data on usage behavior, product optimization, utilization analysis and maintenance are obtained and analyzed. The systems for processing secondary raw materials are equipped with specially configured hardware from t-matix, which is connected to the PLC interface of the machines. The recorded data is transmitted to the t-matix IoT platform and visualized there in interactive dashboards. Through data analysis, the maintenance and servicing of the systems is enormously simplified and resources are conserved sustainably: The company’s employees receive the exact maintenance intervals via the app and can thus coordinate the maintenance of several machines efficiently. In addition, the system provides early information about wear parts that need to be replaced, which means that deliveries, exchanges and maintenance can be better planned and optimized.

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