Outbound AEMP interface now available for OEMs

aemp out now

Mixed fleets of machines can be seen on virtually every construction site, but despite this, they represent a major challenge for construction companies. Not only the coordination and scheduling of machines, but rather the standardized management of all data is essential for construction site success. The multitude of different systems poses a considerable problem: Each machine manufacturer offers its own telematics system. Consequently, the data obtained is made available in different systems and cannot be properly compared with each other or at least only with great time and expense. For contractors, this is an absolute nightmare. In order to have access to all the data collected for the entire fleet, they have to constantly log on to different systems and work with several user interfaces simultaneously.

Fortunately, time-consuming and annoying data analysis is now a thing of the past thanks to a new interface in the t-matix IoT platform: We’re referring to AEMP 2.0 – a global communication standard whereby measured machine, vehicle or device data from different manufacturer systems can be unified and integrated into external systems from neutral third parties. In short, all machines speak the same language. This is an enormous relief for operators of mixed machine fleets, as they can now view and compare all data in one convenient location.

t-matix has now taken this a step further by enabling OEMs that use the t-matix IoT platform the ability to provide data in AEMP format to their customers, i.e. OEMs can use the new “AEMP out” feature to share data externally from the platform using the AEMP interface, i.e. to third-party systems/third-party providers.

The t-matix IoT platform for OEMs:

The t-matix IoT platform for the Construction Industry: