Metso:Outotec is following the path of digital transformation with t-matix

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The Internet of Things is a rapidly growing trend for OEMs. Not surprisingly, because the digitalization of machines and plants brings significant added value, not only for manufacturers, but also for dealers and end customers. Comprehensive networking of machines and plants not only allows business processes to be optimized. In many cases, the continuous flow of data and ongoing “feedback” along the product life cycle creates completely new business models and sales opportunities such as digital after-sales services.  

Metso:Outotec, one of the world’s major players in sustainable technologies, end-to-end solutions, services in minerals and metals processing, as well as in waste and scrap processing, has chosen to count on the t-matix IoT platform to implement its IoT initiatives in selected business areas. The goal is to use the collected data to obtain information about the use of machines and equipment in the field. Through so-called “in-field usage intelligence”, digital services for the end customer will be realized and provided. The second key objective is to drive product innovation through knowledge gained from this.

We warmly welcome our new customer Metso:Outotec! 

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