Run with SanSirro and t-matix to reach your full potential!

SanSirro specializes in intelligent sportswear and combines sophisticated design, a high level of comfort and the best possible data acquisition for athletes. With the help of sensors, the smart textile records physical data which can be stored and processed in the t-matix IoT platform and then retrieved via the personal App. Relevant data such as pulse, heart rate, respiratory rate, calorie consumption and geodata are recorded. The information obtained helps to optimize training, contributes to the increase in performance and facilitates a variety of interesting evaluations. The new app was implemented in a very short space of time using the flexible IoT platform from t-matix. Hannes Steiner, CEO of SanSirro, is enthusiastic about the fast and professional realization of the app. We are excited about our new partnership! 

sanSirro GmbH
Stangersdorf Gewerbegebiet 110
8403 Lebring
F: 03182/520 50-50
T: 0664/889 76 460