Geiger benefits from holistic analysis of machine data using the new t-matix interface and BI tool

Wheel loader with IoT portal in the foreground

What is the optimal use of the machine fleet and how long are the machines used at the different sites?  

These were key questions that led the Geiger Group of Companies to digitalize its machine fleet. Since 1923, Geiger has been extracting and refining high-quality raw materials such as sand, gravel or rock with special machines and plants and using them for road and landscaping construction as well as flood protection, among other things. The t-matix IoT platform makes it possible to obtain AEMP data from different manufacturer systems. It is for this reason that Geiger decided to implement the t-matix solution 3 years ago in an effort to gain strategic and financial advantages with the digitalization of construction processes. The first step of the implementation consisted of assigning hours worked to the operating sites, contrasting these with machine utilization and deriving optimization potential.  

Is it possible to link data from the ERP system with live data? 

The clear advantage of an IoT solution and thus the great added value for construction companies is the merging of ERP data with live data from the various construction sites. The results obtained allow for optimizations in the procurement of machines as well as in the deployment planning of the machine fleet. Calculated costs such as repair and maintenance costs by year of manufacture, diesel costs, etc. can be compared with the operating hours of the machines and thus equipment of the same type at different operating sites.  

The new t-matix interface enables data exchange   

The new t-matix standard REST API interface allows the calculated data to be tapped from the IoT platform and further processed in other in-house systems and tools. Geiger took advantage of this and designed an internal BI tool that links data from the ERP system to actual hours of operation and performs further analysis.  

“The new BI tool enables us to automatically read out data, e.g. repair and maintenance costs by year of manufacture, compare equipment of identical types at different operating sites, and compare operating hours and acquisition costs of machines. This makes our day-to-day work much easier. In addition, we can optimize the purchase of new equipment and machines and bring about targeted deployment control – for example, heavily utilized equipment is relocated from a certain point in time to other sites where it is in operation less so that it is not always working at full capacity. We are excited about the numerous benefits of digitalization and look forward to further projects with the t-matix IoT platform,” reports Christian Schmid, Head of Technology & Planning at Geiger. 

Contact: Geiger Unternehmensgruppe