Digitization combines impressive design with vintage vehicles

iModeler founded the GrandRetro community, a place for classic car enthusiasts and restorers. Vintage cars require an enormous amount of financial resources and are very often affected by wrong decisions and incorrect technical information, such as mileage and origin. t-matix was commissioned to set up an IoT platform in which all the necessary information about the vehicles is automatically transmitted, thus preventing fraud in advance. In just eight weeks, t-matix implemented the powerful GrandRetro IoT platform, from hardware selection including connectivity, data processing in the IoT portal and in the app, including interactive dashboards. The aim is to visualize the realistic added value of a classic car with live tracking data. In the portal, the live locations and trips made by the vehicles are recorded in a logbook and displayed visually. Detailed vehicle profiles provide an overview of the vehicle history, such as the total number of kilometers travelled, distance driven on racetracks and active and passive hours of a classic car. The occupancy of the vehicles is extremely valuable for classic car owners, as these vehicles have to be moved at regular intervals in order not to lose value. Each assignment is precisely documented in the utilization report, so that every journey time can be documented in detail. We look forward to the great cooperation!

Contact: https://grandretro.com/