Central data storage in the t-matix IoT platform due to the intelligent interface solution

In cooperation with the Putzmeister Connected Service API, t-matix has developed an interface solution for integrating previously measured machine data directly into an existing t-matix IoT platform. Usually, machines and devices on a construction site originate from several different manufacturers. The customers find it difficult to overview and coordinate them due to many varying manufacturer systems. Therefore, machine data is stored in various systems and not centrally merged. This new, specially developed interface solves this problem. 

Putzmeister is one of the world market leaders in manufacturing machines to convey, distribute, and place concrete. The company measures certain parameters of its machines and plants and stores the data in its “Machine Cockpit” system. The interface solution from t-matix ensures the transfer of the data obtained by Putzmeister to a high-performance IoT portal. In the portal, the data is visualized and made available to Putzmeister’s customers. For the first time, a holistic representation of all data is available. For example, in the portal, information on specific pumps or systems regarding operating hours, temperature fluctuations, pressure, processed quantities [etc.] is visualized in reports and used together with data from other machines for further analyses and evaluations.

Contact: www.putzmeister.com