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Kubernetes is one of the most important technological advancements in the field of software platform administration in recent years. It is for this reason that t-matix made the decision very early on to convert the t-matix IoT platform entirely to this flexible open source system.

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New digital solution for ordering spare parts increases revenue in after-sales

The new digital ordering function ensures that your spare parts can be sold worldwide via an e-commerce solution. With the t-matix IoT platform, the operating data of the machines and systems are visualized in the web portal and monitored via app. A complete e-commerce solution to accelerate the procurement process and shorten downtimes is now available as a new app feature.

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Digitization combines impressive design with vintage vehicles

iModeler founded the Grand Retro community, a place for classic car enthusiasts and restorers. t-matix was commissioned to set up an IoT platform in which all the necessary information about the vehicles is automatically transmitted, thus preventing fraud in advance. In just eight weeks, t-matix implemented the powerful Grand Retro IoT platform, from hardware selection including connectivity, data processing in the IoT portal and in the app, including interactive dashboards.

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Resource optimization through digitization at ATM Recyclingsystems

The metal recycling specialist ATM relies on the powerful technology from t-matix. All recycling systems are digitized in order to generate valuable information and conserve resources sustainably. With digitization, data on usage behavior, product optimization, utilization analysis and maintenance are obtained and analyzed.

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CRANCHI YACHTS relies on the solution from t-matix

Cranchi is a leading Italian boat builder and a world-renowned marine brand. In 1870, the traditional company was founded on Lake Como, where 14 different yacht models are currently designed and built in the state-of-the-art shipyard. Cranchi uses the t-matix IoT solution with features such as live location, trips, bilge pump status, and battery and shore power monitoring.

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SBM optimizes Crusher range with IoT solution

SBM Mineral Processing is the leading full-service provider of processing and conveying equipment for the raw materials and recycling industry and is digitizing various crusher ranges with the t-matix solution. A connection to the PLC controller of the crusher is set up by means of the IoT gateway and data is transmitted to the IoT platform.

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t-matix receives major order from Swiss AMMANN Group

The Ammann Group – a leading global supplier of asphalt and concrete mixing plants, machines and services for the construction industry – is digitizing its construction machines with t-matix. For Ammann, it was therefore important to find a partner for the digitization of its machines, a company who knows the construction industry and its processes and offers a technology specifically designed for this purpose.

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Dorner Electronic puts its trust in the t-matix solution

Dorner Electronic develops software solutions for the construction industry and is the market leader in the field of control systems in Europe. With the DornerBatch control solution, the DornerOptimize logistics solution and the DornerConnect production monitoring tool, they have established themselves in the industry and successfully integrated the t-matix IoT platform. When established technology companies from the construction industry rely on our IoT solution, this confirms our great expertise in the field of telematics and shows that we have done something right in recent years.

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